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What Does It Take to Live Together in Peace?

Almost five years ago, the UN declared May 16 the International Day of Living Together in Peace, as a way to promote peace, tolerance, inclusion, and understanding. Are we any closer to that goal today? With the latest crimes brought on by the "replacement" conspiracy theory, we wonder what it takes to live together in peace.

With technology and mobility, it is unavoidable that people of various ethnic, cultural and national backgrounds will run into each other. And it is a GOOD thing! Just think about how boring and depressing it was during the covid quartine and lockdown. Diversity makes us smarter, more interesting and creative. In any community, the ability to live and let live is the foundation of having security. To thrive and be happy? We should be looking into creating opportunities for all, and to respect the rule of law.

Let people's choices and behaviors speak for themselves. People who work hard and respect the rules should deserve opportunities to succeed. On this International Day of Living Together in Peace, we welcome students who want to make a difference to join us in the next Buddies Without Borders Online Forum: The Best ROI for Humankind - Women and the Economy. We will be creating opportunities for those who deserve them.

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