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Love Our Planet in Action

Updated: Apr 25

We create the future we deserve. BWB Clubs celebrate Earth Day by taking massive actions across the world. Here are just some of their amazing efforts to share with you. Visit our Club page to see all actions. Our Earth's future will be bright because of these teens' actions:

From cleaning schoolyards to interviewing school gardeners,

From sawing seeds to planting trees,

From re-using shopping bags to re-filling water bottles,

From appreciating clean air and wildlife to switching off lights when not in use,

from creating artwork with nature to creating bioplastics,

from displaying posters to launching social media campaigns...

Please join me in acknowledging the following students for creating the future they deserve:

CIS, India - Ananya, Srihita, Sriya, Tanvi, Neha Neerukonda, Sunayana, Srividya, Annapurna, Veda, Keith and Jyotsna.

DRS, India - Harismita, Prachi Agarwal, Shruti Agarwal, Anshika Pachisia, Oishika, Pahal, Charushree Agarwal, Shruti Preekh, Syed Sarib, Ikshawak Pranav.

Goethechule Essen, Germany - Marlene Walter, Sophie Bremer, Julius Eichhorn, Anna Bayer, Valentine, Max Schramm, Leonarda Bovenschen, Julia, Johann Carlos Kaufmann, Laura Sophie Braekler, Marlene Kobu, Frida Iwersen, Lemi, Mieke Arnold, Theresa Schütrumpf, Theresa Dillkötter

Towheed Iranian, UAE - Fatemeh Ghorbani, Huda Zahra, Aghila, Rozita Tajbaksh, Manizha, Arshinaz, Granaz Zahedi, Nikta, Mashsa, Ava, Yasmin Gholizadeh, Fatemeh Azarbadegan, Rabea, Niayesh and Melika

VMGSBL, Turkey - Sumeyye Karaoglu, Dalia,  Ceylin.

Villiers, Ireland - Aeryn

Binus, Indonesia - Maxene

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