Buddies Without Borders Online Forums

Buddies Without Borders Online Forums are month-long, web-based collaboration and competition projects attended by students aged 12 - 18 around the world. 

The Forums are held 3-5 times a year. Around 3-5 representatives from each country are selected to meet weekly online. Students are grouped as equal global citizens into teams, assigned a country as their joint identity, and together throughout the month they will debate and co-author recommendation papers to solve a predefined Sustainable Development Goals-related challenge.

Each team is coached by a college student and sessions feature guest speakers. All papers are reviewed and ranked by international educators including college admission officers and subject-matter experts. Winners receive free year-long International Online Internships provided by Leadership Initiatives and funded by top brands including Microsoft and Starbucks.  Exceptional students are invited to establish BWB Clubs in schools and take on leadership positions with us.  

If accepted, the participation fee is $50 usd.  Please click on each Forum below for past Outcome Reports, Award Ceremony Recordings, Project Designs and submit your application.

*Note to IBDP CAS Coordinators: the Forum is designed to meet all seven learning outcomes.   Click here to see how.


December 2021 Forum - Social Media for Global Good (Application is closed.  Click here for team list

In December, future influencers will be challenged to put their digital power to good use.  Students will design social media content using platforms of their choice to meet global goals based on the SDGs they are most passionate about.  Team up with like-minded communicators and designers, and let's capture the power of social media for the global good.

The application is now closed.  Please follow the development of this Forum on our Blog or Facebook page.


As we get ready for the new year and hopefully put quarantine and masks behind us, let's focus on lessons learned - how can we take good care of ourselves, mentally and physically when times are rough?  How can we deal with pressure and help our loved ones?  

The interest form is now open.  You will receive a priority notification when the application is open.

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July 2021 Forum - Human Migration: In the Pursuit of Happiness (Click here for the participation list and outcome report.)

Winning Project: Human Migration in Turkey by Team Pacific Spartans

Migration is human nature that cannot be stopped.   Did you know 1 in 30 people on earth is living outside of their country of birth?  An estimated 65 million of them are forced to do so?  How can we support their human rights while protecting the civil rights of the local citizens?  Click here to see the joint forum paper: Best Practices Around the World for Managing Human Migration


October 2021 Forum - Green is the New Gold: Ecotourism, Agritourism and Adventure Travel - Business Concept Competition (Click here for the participant list.  Click here for the speaker ist)

Winning Project: Project Ladies Lotus's - Idea of Ecotourism for India

If anything, COVID-19 teaches us to respect nature more.  As the tourism industry grapples with how to recover from the standstill caused by the pandemic, better-imagined ecotourism, agritourism, and adventure travel can be the key to allowing us to continue exploring the world, and enable local communities to continue growing the economy and creating jobs.   

 Scales of Justice

April 2021 Forum - Access to Justice & Rule of Law - World Peace Starts with Local Harmony (Click here for participation list and outcome report)

Winning Project: Access to Justice in Egypt by Team Pyramid Party

History is full of events where people broke the law in order to achieve justice.  The consequences are often damaging to the entire community.  What are the ways to abide by the rules yet make social changes for the better?  Click here to see the Forum Joint Paper: Case Study of Social Changes Around the World.


August 2020 Forum - Management of COVID-19 and Its Impact on Students (Click here for participation list and outcome report)

The Forum on Management of COVID-19 and Its Impact on Students has concluded after a month-long discussion, research and reflections by 50 high school students from 26 schools in 40 countries with multiple deliverables, including a joint paper on Ideas of Improving Mental Health for Teenagers - at the Time of COVID-19.

Green is the New Gold all.jpg

October 2021 Green is the New Gold: Ecotourism Business Idea Winners

Best Team- for their final project's creativity, equality and sustainability. Will receive the internship award: Team Goa Green - Brainstorming ideas for India

  • From Macedonia - Nova International Schools - Lina Nikolovska

  • From Indonesia - Sekola Mutiara Nusantara - Bulan Kania

  • From Spain - Colegio los Sauces la Moraleja - Fernando Mingo Moreno

  • From the UK - Bryanston School - Bryanna Ashong

Best Representative - for the student's overall ability in research, reflections and communication. Will receive the internship award and lead the Internship Team:

  • Bryanna Ashong from the UK - Bryanston School, UK


Pioneer Award Scholarship Recipient: will receive the funding to launch a BWB Club as a Student President:

  • Yulia Kiryukhina from Russia - International School of Riga, Latvia

  • Ohemaa Asibuo from Ghana - Tema International School, Ghana

Pioneer Award Nominees - for the student's ability to lead, inspire and collaborate with teammates. Based on coaches' nomination, internal ranking, and personal reflection. Will be invited to launch and lead (or co-lead) a BWB Club at school:

  • Aanya Sharma from India - Prometheus School Noida, India

  • Ahana Joshi from India - Pathways School Noida, India

  • Andrea Koleva from Macedonia - Nova International Schools, Macedonia

  • Benjamin Kim from the USA - AICS, Netherlands

  • Bianca Bonali from Italy - American School of Milan, Italy

  • Bryanna Ashong from the UK - Bryanston School, UK

  • Camila Valda Estremadoyro from Bolivia - Saint Andrew´s School, Bolivia

  • Cheng Wei Hung from Taiwan - Tsai Hsing High School, Taiwan, ROC

  • Domenico Raia from Italy - Colegio Los Sauces, Spain

  • Jona Kurtishi from Macedonia - NOVA International Schools, Macedonia

  • Lara Stas from the Netherlands - AICS, Netherlands

  • Lina Nikolovska from Macedonia - Nova International Schools, Macedonia

  • Marina Ruiz from Spain - Colegio Los Sauces, Spain

  • Paskalis Leonardus from Indonesia - Sekolah Mutiara Nusantara, Indonesia

  • Shreya Patil from India - AICS, the Netherlands

People's Choice Award Winner Team: recognized for winning the most votes from the general public. Team Team Red Colobus - Brainstorming ideas for Zanzibar

  • Hoang Phuong Hoang from Vietnam - Hanoi- Amsterdam High School For The Gifted, Vietnam

  • Andrea Koleva from Macedonia - Nova International Schools, Macedonia

  • Bianca Bonali from Italy - American School of Milan, Italy

  • Arya Thadathil from India - Amsterdam International Community School, the Netherlands