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How Do We Look? Kicked off!

The global fashion industry, shaped by cultural influencers and AI, generated some of the wealthiest businesses as well as some of the most unimaginable landfills and human rights violations. At Global Education Destinations, we believe that the best way to foster peace and avoid wars is by looking forward at the big picture, and creating potential solutions with all of our fellow global citizens in mind.

In the past week, participants of How Do We Look? From Fast Fashion to Eco-Fashion Buddies Without Borders Online Forum got into the GED Google Classroom and chat rooms to try out all the tech and tools provided to them as equal global citizens. They are offered warm-up exercises to practice the art of making thoughtful inquiries, garnering and giving perspectives, and most of all - reaching out to fellow global citizens. During the warm-up, a few students caught our eyes:

From their thought-provoking writing and researches, to their enthusiasm towards international collaboration, to their on-task management skills, here are the top five scoring Rising Stars to watch: Nora from Team LNA (A1), Wilson from Team BAWS (A2), Prachi from Team Kiara (B4), Harman from Team Style Sovereign (B5), Son from Team Eco Icons (B8). We are also impressed by Sriya's great questions during the kick-off (from Team BAWS).

Can sourcing locally be a viable solution to shorten the supply chain energy cost? Can AI be used to figure out what will sell before production to avoid waste? Can legislation be introduced to balance the economic incentives so that businesses and consumers will do the right thing?

Let the competition and collaboration begin! (Click on the image for the Team List)

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