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BWB Clubs

Think Globally, Act Locally.  International mindedness is best learned through cross-cultural friendship and global citizenship.  We care more when we are a part of it.  

Successful Buddies Without Borders Online Forums participants are offered the opportunity to establish BWB Clubs in their schools to benefit all students who are interested in socializing with other like-minded students around the world and discussing issues that impact all of us.  These school-based think tanks and action teams are led by student leaders under the guidance of Global Education Destinations and the supervision of school officials.    Club presidents are given the opportunity to learn important leadership skills by organizing local activities.  Club members are encouraged to share ideas and perspectives in a safe and judgment-free online social group across the world. 

BWB Club members earn scholarships to represent their schools in Forum competitions and attend workshops including college previews and beyond.  BWB Clubs are by invitation only.  Information sessions are made available for all Forum participants and school officials.  Click here to sign up for the 2024-2025 School Year if you are interested.  Currently, there are BWB Clubs in 21 high schools in 20 countries.  Click on the green anchors on the map to learn about each BWB Club.

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