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The Power of Wellness

March 2nd is the World Teen Mental Wellness Day. It is a day when we call for the normalization of the discussion around mental health for teens. Today, awareness of what teens CAN do to achieve wellness for themselves is even more urgent because of social media, the pandemic, and the military struggles around us.

We need to reframe the conversation. It is not enough to stop being depressed. We believe that kindness can conquer distrust, ideas can defeat despair, and wellness can vanquish sadness. We will empower ourselves and others by being well.

In 10 days we will put this belief to test in our March 2022 Forum: Good Health and Well-being for Teens. More than 70 students from 34 countries will work across the borders as equal global citizens to analyze what CAN be done, what SHOULD be done and HOW to build a New Normal for Teens.

Please join me in congratulating these student representatives for speaking up and taking action. Click on the image to see who will be in this conversation.

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