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Sustainable Lifestyle Everywhere (?!)

As we wrap up the AquaAlliance Forum, we are aware of the fact that our impact is truly global. The student representatives' final proposals were viewed and voted on by more than 1,000 global citizens from 52 countries. BWB Clubs around the world will have a chance to implement these ideas in the coming school year, changing lives near and far.

What we do with this global influence leads us to our next forum: Green Jobs in the Green Economy. Can we do well for ourselves financially by doing good for our environment, no matter where we live? What "green" can we do as we make decisions on how to make and spend money day in and day out?

To set the stage for this inquiry is our kick-off speaker, Laura Astudillo Mesías

Laura Astudillo Mesías is the Communications Consultant for the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education team, in the Economy Division of the UN Environment Program in Paris. She started her career as a journalist in Colombia covering sustainability before moving on to Sustainable Development. In UNEP, she has been working on shifting the way sustainability is communicated by highlighting the role individuals can play to live better and lighter. By engaging all kinds of stakeholders, UNEP’s Sustainable Lifestyles team is trying to convey real, aspirational sustainable messages to promote effective action for change. She has a master’s degree in International Development from Sciences Po (France) and a degree in Journalism from Universidad del Rosario (Colombia).

The application is now open until Friday, September 8th. We have a rolling admission policy and we only take 4-5 students per country to keep the perspectives as diverse as possible. So don't wait - join us!

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