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Meet the Forum Coaches: Connect High School with Higher Education

The transition from high school to higher education for many of us is a crucial one: we start to choose a focus, a direction, or a major to develop our future careers, trying to figure out what we can/like/are able to do to contribute to this world. But the transition is more than the accumulation of knowledge, it is also about developing life skills such as self-discipline, communication and social connections.

Six coaches have signed up to assist the Forum participants to embark on this journey. These young men and women are in a perfect position to do so because they themselves finished high school not that long ago, and now they are excited to give back.

Top Left to Top Right:

  • Keeret Grewal, Business Administration and Financial Mathematics, Wilfried Laurier University, Canada

  • Miyu Sakurai, Applied Psychology, New York University, USA

  • Bogna Frykowska, Pschychology, Forward Colelge, Porturgal

Bottom Left to Bottom Right:

  • Gabriella Ruggero, Math and Economics, University of Ottawa, Canada

  • Erik Gallardo, Computer Science and Mathematics, California State University, Monterey Bay, USA

  • Christina Fultz, Global Studies, California State University, Monterey Bay, USA

Thank you, coaches! Click here for details on all the champions who are making a contribution to the Good Health and Well-being for Teens Forum.

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