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Congratulations to Mrs. King! Global Educators of the Year

Many youths want to change the world, but their success often depends on the support and guidance of a caring advisor. As we wrap up the school year, we would like to highlight the educators who have gone above and beyond to help global-minded teens to connect their passion with action.

Under Mrs. Surama King's stewardship, BWB Club students at Tema International School, Ghana, decided to conquer food waste. The students, calling themselves TIS Buddies for Change, created an awareness documentary video and made plans for future events and workshops. In solidarity with the students, TIS signed a partnership agreement with the Ghana Food Movement.

Surama King - Experiential Learning Educator, IB CAS & Events Coordinator at Tema International School – Ghana, West Africa

"As an experiential learning educator, I am so grateful to see my students engaged with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, through the Buddies Without Borders. At Tema International School our Club, Buddies for Change, for the past 3 years has engaged in meaningful actions alongside young teens around the world. As a school that values International Mindedness, being part of BWB is a doorway to valuable collaborations. Not to mention the endless opportunities to lead, develop skills, learn about themselves and others, recognize their strength and areas for growth, engage with global issues, and overcome challenges while having fun. ‘Think globally, act locally’, is a constant for the BWB community. The forums allow students and educators, to learn how to lead and apply skills. BWB offers endless opportunities for IB students to engage in CAS experiences and projects, taking positive action within their community, every student‘s contribution matters."

All around the world, Buddies Without Borders students are conducting Local Actions to meet Global Goals. Vote for your favorite project - Your vote acknowledges the efforts of the youth who have worked hard to help make the world a better place.

We encourage more change-makers to step up this summer - we are mobilizing teens to solve the global water crisis: AquaAlliance Online Forum. - application deadline: June 23

Join us!

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