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Caring Deeply - BWB Club Spotlight on VMGSBL, Turkey

When there are so many important tasks and goals in our daily lives, finding space for Sustainable Development Goals is not easy. Many of us may do just enough so that we can check it off on our to-do list. This is why we were super impressed by the enthusisam of the students from VMGSBL (Governor Muammer Guler Social Sciences High School).

In particular, Yagiz Erginay wrote a daily blog investigating each of the 17 SDGs because he wanted to start a converation and hear others' voices:

"I though to myself - I do have opinions, but what do others think about this and what are the differences?". So, with these hopes and thoughts, i began researching and posting daily and hopefully i inspired someone to think about these goals or participate in the discussion.

Mani Morsali systemactically disected the facts and figures of each of the SDGs, offered ideas on solutions and provided sources of information. He hopes his voice will make a difference: "I don't know if you will see this or not but, please inform everyone and make them aware. I know people (may not) care but if it makes even one person aware it will be still a step ahead for humanity. People of the world, UNITE!"

Raise awareness is important, but we can also take immediate action right now, and that is why Local Action Project is so important. Please click on the link to see the Local Action Project declared by VMGSBL. Their club members are Ayşe Betül Argın, Yaren Cantürk, Selen Öztürk, Sümeyye Karaoğlu, Efe Bayraktar, Emine Eylül, Sadıkoğlu Mani, Ayşe Nisa Palabıyıklı, Yasin Aslan, Yılmaz, Yağız Erginay, Ada Defne Almalı, Meryem Mutlu, Öznur Özmen, Bengisu Emiroglu and Esma Yılmaz.

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