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Wow! 18 Under 18

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

It is not a surprise that all Buddies Without Borders students are thoughtful scholars and action-oriented doers. But stepping out of their comfort zone and taking time out of their routine to make an international connection year-round? Gold.

These are the 18 most active students on our global platform. From the weekly online Global Chats to the virtual Discord Server, each of the following teens made a significant contribution to our community based on our common goals - the 17 SDGs.

***** (in alphabetical order) *highlighted students below have chosen to share their reflections, which we will publish as soon as we can on our blog.

Alba Martinez - Los Sauces European School, Spain

Alessandra Silapan - Binus School Simprug, Indonesia

Armaan Kapapoor - Strawberry Fields High School, India

Bella Wood - Green Bay High School, New Zealand

Chadwick Hung - Taipei Tsai-Hsing High School, Taiwan

Gordon Chen - Taipei Tsai-Hsing High School, Taiwan

Harry Haghani - Towheed International School, UAE

Iliana Skordi - The Junior & Senior School, Cyprus

Krisha Karippail - Green Bay High School, New Zealand

Laura Romao - Saint Andrew's School, Bolivia

Megumi Nakamura - Shonan Shirayuri. Japan

Mia Ni - Taipei Tsai-Hsing High School, Taiwan

Mobin Jannati - Towheed International School - USA

Nehir Atasver - VMGSBL, Turkey

Nour Hatimi - George Washington Academy, Morocco

Sofia Rojas - Saint Andrew's School, Bolivia

Yagiz Erginay - VMGSBL, Turkey

Yushan Zhu - The Junior & Senior School, Cyprus

The recognitions were made with help from one of our generous sponsors, A Tree That Grows. Here is the recording. Thank you!

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