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World View, Friendship and Happiness

Throughout the process of Buddies Without Borders Online Forums, students from around the world get to know each other really well through frequent brainstorming and communication. They often become great friends as a result of working on a common goal and gaining new understanding from another part of the world.

Some of these students stand out because of their commitment to their goals and to their teams. These are the Pioneer Award nominees. Please join us and congratulate Alma Toukhy from the Amman National School in Jordan. Alma is the winner of the Pioneer Award from the most recent Forum: Wellness Challenge for Teens. Alma is awarded the scholarship to establish a BWB Club in her school to lead local actions and meet global goals.

Here is Alma's reflection on her favorite part of the Forum, about friendship and understanding, which we would love to share with you and inspire more teens to join us:

"My favorite part of the Forum was meeting so many new and wonderful people from all over the world who share more in common with me than I ever would have thought before joining. Every friend I have made throughout has been intellectual, opinionated, articulate, and intelligent.
I had so many eye-opening conversations about the Forum among countless other things, witnessed some truly mind-stretching debates unfold, and even got to participate in most of them. For these reasons, my favorite part of the Forum has been engaging with everyone else in it, while exponentially expanding my worldview in the process."

We are so proud of Alma, and we can't wait to see all the positive change she can bring to the world! Join us for the next Forum: Acts of Kindness Challenge!

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