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What Decides How Good We Look?

The trendiest jackets, the fanciest shoes... from brand spokespersons to influencers to the cool kids on our block, we think about how we look in others' eyes constantly. But how will the future see us? Are we, the generation with advanced technology and knowledge, willing to do what's right vs. what's cheap?

How Do We Look? From Fast Fashion to Eco-fashion Buddies Without Borders Online Forum concluded with nine proposals for nine countries. Each team was assigned a country to research the successes and challenges of its fashion industry. Through comparison and brainstorming, students worked as equal global citizens to propose ways to make the industry more equitable and sustainable.  You are invited to vote in the People's Choice Award category.

Meanwhile, our panel of higher education professionals and sustainability experts will be ranking the Top Five teams' proposals. The most diligent, thoughtful and enthusiastic students will have a chance to lead local action projects in the BWB Clubs to help their community meet global goals. Please join us in thanking our panelists for sharing their invaluable experiences and advice with the students:

  • Joshua Young, Head of Circular Fashion MOONFLARE, USA/Singapore

  • Hon. Teta V. Banks, President of International Forum, USA/Liberia

  • Laura Astudillo Mesias, Communications Consultant of UN Lifestyles, Colombia/France

  • Ango Paul Mwakisu, Senior Assistant Director of International Admissions, NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE/Tanzania

  • Elisa Melendez Martin, Global Markets Director, IE University, Spain

  • Andrew Hand, Consultant in International Education, Australia

  • Valmir Gomes, International Educator and Leader, Brazil

  • Lauren Schmidt, MSW, Entrepreneur & Founder of A Tree That Grows, USA/Tanzania

Stay tuned for the results on May 27th. Join us for the next opportunity to make a new international friend and make a world of difference: Coexistence: Case Study on Peace & Change.

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