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Tolerance vs. Protests, Peace vs. Change

As of today, more than 2000 arrests have been made on college campuses across the USA since the April 18th protest over the Israel/Palestine conflict. What was the protesters' purpose? Peace and justice. What is their impact? More military actions in Gaza, more anxiety in the community, less understanding of each other and less tolerance across the world.

There has to be a better way. We call for a new generation of creative peace activists who want to change the world but keep the peace.

World peace cannot be achieved if we are taking sides against an entire group of people - be it a nation, a race or a political party. They are people just like you and me, only they grew up with different experiences and understanding. Let's debate on a policy, an idea, or an action with the goal of achieving equality and security for all - Condemning a whole group of people is only taking us towards a world of suppression and authoritarianism.

Our next Buddies Without Borders Online Forum is about coexistence. Here is the project plan for your consideration: Coexistence: Case Study on Peace & Change.

History has already offered us many examples and lessons, let's re-learn the lessons and do better.

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