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Why Studying in Spain?

If you can go anywhere to study for a while, where would you go? One of the top destinations for many global trotters is sunny, friendly and charming Spain.

We are very lucky to have a representative from IE University (Madrid and Segovia) to share with us what it is like to study with them. What will you learn and do? How will they prepare you for the job market, especially in the field of our topic of the day - Social Media?

Sunday, December 12 - 9:00 - 9:30 AM ET (check your local time) Destination: Spain Hosted by: Mane Nalbandyan Senior Regional Manager, Asia Pacific Undergraduate Degrees IE University

Mane is originally from Armenia when she started her career as a marketing and social media expert in a gaming company. She has always been passionate about education and moved to the international education sector for the past 5 years. She works as a Senior Regional Manager for the Asia Pacific region in IE University´s Global Markets team. Having international education and spending a year in IE University, she is now based in Madrid and heads IE´s international offices in Asia and Oceania in order to guide students through their educational journey.

For more about Destination Workshops, visit:

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