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Top Five! Reflection from Harnoor Kaur from DAV International School in India

Today as I complete the sharing of the reflections from the Top Five Finishers who participated in the Wellness Challenge for Teen6s, I can't help but remember the 60 Minute segment from two weeks ago on "American Kids in the Mental Health Crisis."

The severe sadness of isolation is particularly acute for teenagers because they don't yet know the techniques nor have the discipline to meditate, self-care, control time, and focus attention. I know this because those were the methods that carried me through my multiple quarantines (for traveling reasons - thankfully). I also know this because I worked with international students studying abroad who were lacking in social connections, even prior to COVID.

What I have found that works are simple but SO true - with or without isolation, or any other life's challenges - we must find our purpose and the kindred spirits to share that purpose with.

The Forum is designed to provide that common purpose and identify those kindred spirits who value the same things as we do, as well as to support our commitment to move forward together. Here is the reflection from Harnoor Kaur:

"My favourite part of the forum was learning together and working together. I really cherish the connections I have made in this forum. As I worked with Lia (my teammate), we talked about each other's language and culture while discussing and deliberating on South Korea. I really liked how one idea led to another thought, it all culminated in our final project. (My teammate) Lia's creative head and my management skills sailed us beautifully through this forum. I enjoyed conversations with other forum mates as well. The encouraging and positive environment here was heartwarming."

No matter if you are in India or the USA, or any part of the world, know that you are not alone. Join us to find our common purpose and be on our team - coming up next: The Best ROI for Humankind: Women and the Economy.

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