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It's a Wrap! Your Turn to Vote

This past weekend, young minds across the world came together to present their ideas on what unites us rather than what divides us, on how to build up rather than tear down. Most of all, we learned that what we put in is what we get to take out.

Each team was composed of teens from different nationalities, perspectives and knowledge/skill bases. Each team was assigned one of the seventeen global goals identified by the United Nations. The challenge was about how to think, not what to think.

The top three teams with the highest scores for their efforts and the highest internal ratings for the quality of their final proposals are now on our Panelists' desks for review. However, you will have a role to play as well.

Please click on Global Community and vote for YOUR favorite proposal by "liking" it. Leave a word of encouragement if you can - let's see if we can indeed use Social Media for Global Good.

The Award Ceremony will be on Sunday, January 23. Good luck to all the teams!

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