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Hip, Hip, Hurray! Three Days Until the Award Ceremony

All teams that stuck together until the finish line deserve three cheers for working so hard. There's is a reason why the International Olympic Committee added the word "together" in their motto last year. It is that challenging.

In today's culture, individualism is celebrated and empathy is undervalued. While many don't hesitate to shout out passionate opinions, just as many decide to stay silent and allow their frustration to fester. With isolation and amplifier, we are more apart and less together.

What to do?

To encourage teamwork, we set up systems and tools for each team, from time converter apps to text messenger groups to shared google docs. We assign a team coach to each team to monitor their communication. We award team meetings with bonus points. This is what we see:

Students who reached out to their teammates proactively, reminded their teammates on team tasks, etc. are infinitely more successful and happier. Students who cared only about their own performance and acted indifferently towards their teammates ultimately fall behind and did not enjoy the forum experience as much.

Team works when the teammates are having fun. We have fun when we care. Empathy turns out to be the key ingredient of having fun. Which teams had the most fun? Please vote for the People's Choice Award in the Global Community if you haven't yet.

Do you have the empathy to be on a successful global team? Join us in the next Forum: A New Normal for Teens.

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