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Congratulations to Ms. Satyapal! Global Educators of the Year

Many youths want to change the world, but their success often depends on the support and guidance of a caring advisor. In the next few days, we will highlight the educators who have gone above and beyond to help global-minded teens to connect their passion with action.

Along with her co-moderator Ms. Geeta Passi, Ms. Aditi Satyapal supported the BWB Club students at Strawberry Fields High School to design and implement Pink Week, for the purpose of raising funds and awareness of breast cancer, in support of a local nonprofit Chandigarh Breast Cancer Trust. The week-long fun-filled school event included dress-pink day, street play, bake sale and more. The students raised INR 90,000 for patients who cannot afford treatment.

Aditi Satyapal - CAS Coordinator and French Teacher, Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh, India

“Global education is the key that unlocks a world of understanding, compassion, and limitless possibilities. By embracing diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences, we equip ourselves with the knowledge and empathy needed to navigate an increasingly

interconnected world. The Buddies Without Borders club at our school is our guiding light in this journey where we are not only bridging cultural gaps within our school but also nurturing global citizens who will shape a brighter future, one act of kindness and understanding at a time. Through BWB club our students embark on a transformative

journey through meaningful connections, cross-cultural exchanges, and impactful

initiatives. Together, we transcend borders, bridge cultures, and cultivate a generation of

compassionate global citizens who are willing to actively work towards creating a more

inclusive and harmonious society.”

Click on the link to see Strawberry Fields BWB Club's local action project and cast your vote. Your vote acknowledges the efforts of the youth who have worked hard to help make the world a better place.

We encourage more change-makers to step up this summer - we are mobilizing teens to solve the global water crisis: AquaAlliance Online Forum.

Join us!

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