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Ability Above Age - BWB Club Spotlight on George Washington Academy, Morocco

When Nour Hatimi was awarded the opportunity to succeed her predecessor Mahi Singh and run the BWB Club in George Washington Academy (Morocco) as a result of her performance in the Acts of Kindness Buddies Without Borders Online Forum in Spring 2022, we wondered how she would manage the expectation. After all, Nour was only 15, about to enter 10th grade. Would she be able to motivate her schoolmates to create and conduct a meaningful Local Action Project?

The answer is a resounding yes! Ability and commitment shine through regardless of age and grade. Under the loving encouragement and support of the lower school principal, Ms. Kaoutar Benkaddi, Nour has assembled a solid team to create events to address Global Goal #1 - No Poverty. Nour Hatmi's club mates are: Aya Bennani, Sonia Tagnaouti Moumnani, Sara Jabli, Karim Lamrani, Kyane Kettani, Defne Yazgan, Defne Ghita Lahlou, Ayla Dahhan, Hiba Marwa Mousa and Ghali Touijar.

Please click on the link to see what Nour and her clubmates plan to do in the 2022-2023 school year to help people in need. We will be cheering for her team!

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