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A True Pioneer - BWB Club Spotlight on Saint Andrew's School in Bolivia

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Since the inception of the idea of creating a global after-school program that connects teens to work on sustainability projects across borders almost three years ago, there is one school that stands out among many: Saint Andrew's School in La Paz, Bolivia.

From the get-go, SAS students were enthusiastic and passionate about making the world a better place. Under the mentorship of Vice Principal, Mr. Erik Fernandez, the students excelled in Buddies Without Borders Online Forums; succeeded in organizing local action projects; and spearheaded global discussions with their fellow club members across the world.

Their first Club President, Alejandra Gonzalez Muller, launched an eco-brick project, is now a university student and works as the Coordinator for the clubs in Bolivia, USA and New Zealand. Last year's Club President, Cami Valda, launched an Instagram campaign on SDGs. Now, we are so excoted to see the effort from the current Club Presidents, Sofia Rojas Silva and Sara Alexandra Romao Paravicini.

Saint Andrew's School BWB Club plans to lead their club members to focus on several SDGs this year, particularly on teenagers' mental health and gender equality in the workplace. The members include:

Mariana Belén Bailey Curcuy; Valeria Uría Zuazo; Gonzalo; Diego Joaquin Del Castillo Jimenez; Tomás Columba; Sofia rodas; Matías Olaechea Mendoza; Diego Gallardo; Noelia loayza Guiteras; Alyssa Rohana Korponai Cordero; Alessia Pammo Uzeda; Alessia Pammo Uzeda; Natalia Gabriela Viscarra Sánchez; Isabella Columba; Briana Canedo Rafaella Aranda Rada; Diego Joaquin Del Castillo; Jimenez; Zoe Kropp Pacheco.

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