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4 Days Until the Award Ceremony: Reflection of the Day

"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together"

~ Woodrow Wilson

Here is the reflection from one of the top teams: Marwa Nazeem (Manchester International School, India) reflecting on her teammates: Alvin Appiah (Tema International School, Ghana), Cianna Byekwaso (Kabojja International School, Uganda), Victoria Velasco Artacho (Los Sauces European School, Spain)

"I enjoyed every bit of the forum but my most favourite part was the individual team meetings. Zest Manifest met up almost everyday and I found all the meetings to have the perfect balance between great fun and productivity. Despite the forum being over we are still all in touch regularly 😋 I'm super glad that I had such amazing and friendly colleagues to work with!"

Click on the link to hear the reflection from one of the Top Five Finalists: Joy Yang (Taipei Tsai Hsing Private School, Taiwan).

Did you vote for your favorite team yet? People's Choice Award voting closes on Saturday!

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