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We Belong to the World as One

The Buddies Without Borders Online Forum on Social Media for Global Good is going into the final week of the competition. Students across the globe are working across the cultural and language barriers to demonstrate the art and skills of speaking up and helping each other. Which ones will reach the finish line as best friends? Which teams will have the best ideas? We will find out in just a few days!

Throughout the month-long process, those with exceptional leadership skills are invited to establish BWB Clubs in their schools, designing and implementing local action projects to meet the global goals. From cleaning the trails to fundraising for the poor, they inspire their schoolmates to roll up their sleeves and put ideas into action. Every weekend, BWB Club students also meet online to discuss intriguing topics based on SDGs of their choosing, such as "if something is illegal but moral, would you do it?" "Should illegal immigrants receive healthcare? If so, who should pay for it?" We practice public speaking while making friends.

Tomorrow, the Club Moderators from across the world will meet for the quarterly updates and explore ways for further international cooperation. Please join us in thanking these amazing educators for their tireless support and wisdom:

Ms. Miwa Kurihara - Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen High School - Japan

Ms. Paula Barjona - Coree International School - Brazil

Mr. Erik Fernandez - Saint Andrew's School - Bolivia

Ms. Sharon and Ms. Wendy - Taipei Private Tsai Hsing Senior High School - Taiwan

Ms. Geeta and Ms. Aditi - Strawberry Fields High School - India

Mr. Valmir Gomes - Whittle School & Studios - USA

Mrs. Jill Storey - Villiers School - Ireland

Mr. Henry Ssennungi - Kabojja International School - Uganda

Mrs. Pratibha Srivastava - Genesis Global School - India

Mrs. Maria Zapiti - The Senior School Nicosia - Cyprus

Mr Ediz Kaya - Uskudar American Academy - Turkey

Ms. Kaoutar Benkaddi - George Washington Academy - Morocco

Mr. Jeremy Bracken - Assumption College Catholic High School - Canada

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