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Vote for Your Favorite Green Economy Idea!

If you can wave a magic wand to create an ideal job and a great place to live, what will it look like? A community with lots of green space, high minimum wage, and plenty of job opportunities that suit our skills and personalities sounds pretty good to me!

Come to think of it, every industry segment that touches our lives creates the environment we live in and the jobs we may perform one day. That is why developing a green economy is so important. From alternative energy to circular economy... What do our future generations see?

Please click on the "Vote for Your Favorite Idea" tab and see what students around the world would like to share with you. Each team is assigned an industry segment to investigate how it can create a robust green economy for humankind. Each team has created a promotional video to try to make their case. A team of international educators is evaluating the Top Five and will announce the Best Team on December 9th. Meanwhile, you are invited to cast your vote in the People's Choice Award category. What is your favorite idea for a greener economy?

Join us for the next global challenge for teens: Access to Healthcare - Who Will Take Care of Us? What is our government's responsibility? What is the UN's responsibility? What is our own responsibility for our loved ones? What is our responsibility towards each other as a human race?

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