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Who Is Who - Supporting Teens to Create a Better World

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

With greater global engagement comes greater potential for being misled or spreading fear. To change the pattern, we must proactively seek opportunities for international collaboration. Teamwork is a game in which all players win.

In the past weeks, teens across the world have worked hard together to learn how a green economy can bring good jobs and a better world. Each international team was assigned an industry and tasked to create a video to convey this important message. Participants earn points by conducting thought-provoking inquiries as well as stepping up for their teams.

In just a week, the fruits of their hard work will be presented to all for voting in the People's Choice category. A panel of international educators will rank the Top Five teams' final deliverables based on their creativity, content and sustainability.

Please join us in thanking all the thinkers and doers who support the growth of our borderless teens in their pursuit of a more connected world. Next up: Access to Healthcare - Who Will Take Care of Us?

Panelists and Advisors:

  • Colombia/France: Laura Astudillo Mesías, Communications Consultant, UN Lifestyles

  • Canada: Zack H. Abdi, Managing Director, Provectus Middle East

  • Nigeria: Edith Chekwube Ezema, Plant Scientist, Bioresources Institue of Nigeria

  • USA/Liberia: Hon. Teta V. Banks, Ed.D. President, International Forum, Inc.

  • France/Australia: Andrew Hand, Consultant in International Education

  • Brazil: Valmir Gomes, International Educator and Leader

  • UAE: Ango Mwakisu, Senior Assistant Director of Int'l Admissions, NYU Abu Dhabi

  • Spain: Elisa Melendez Martin, Global Markets Director, IE University

  • USA: Marshall Bailly, Executive Director, Leadership Initiatives

  • Tanzania/USA: Lauren Schmidt, MSW, Entrepreneur & Founder, A Tree That Grows

  • USA: Nicole Bohannon, ESG Research Associate, International Shareholder Services

  • Vietnam: Nhu Anh Nguyen, English Literature and Language Teacher, Hanoi Academy

  • Ireland: Shane Hanna, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Villiers School

Workshop Leaders and Case Study Partners:

  • Spain/Colombia: Juan Carlos Silva, Academic Director of the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability, IE University

  • USA: Jakson Alvarez, Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Evolectric

  • India: Deepack Rajmohan, Founder/CEO, GreenPod Lab

  • Pakistan: Kashaf Aktar, Founder, EcoBricks

  • USA: Jon Bruno, Executive Director, International Ecotourism Society

  • Belgium: Mina Kovacevic, Executive Director, MATT

  • Serbia: Ivana Damnjanovic, Director of Education, Transformational Travel Council

  • Germany: Daavid Christa, Aircall, Associate Business Development Representative

Forum Staff:

  • Poland: Kasia Buszka, Forum Director, studying at Forward College (Germany)

  • Zimbabwe: Chiedzamatipa Banga, Team Coach, studying at Sciences Po Paris (Reims)

  • India: Mahi Singh, Team Coach, studying at the University of Glasgow, UK

  • Japan: Miyu Sakurai, Team Coach, studying at NYU, USA

  • USA: Marlena Casavant, Scorer, studying at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

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