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Top Five!

A greener economy is the future we all want to see but how will we achieve it globally? This weekend, international teams from around the world will complete their final deliverables and demonstrate how their assigned industry segment can fulfill this goal. You are invited to cast your vote in the People's Choice Category in the weeks to come.

Throughout the Forum, students are challenged by different time zones, schedules, communication styles, commitment levels and academic abilities. They earn points for stepping up and helping out. The points are awarded by our Scorer, Forum Director, Team Coaches, and most importantly, their peers.

Today, we would like to acknowledge the Top Five Scorers:

Aarna Sharma – Strawberry Fields High School, India

For me, this forum was a way of improving my skills. I feel like I have grown a lot and developed my team management, socialising , communicating, presenting skills. It was a rocky start for me, having some troubles with my teammates but it also helped me get prepared for future incidents and helped me understand how to cope up with people. I learned a lot about an industry I had no clue about which will help me in the future and this whole experience has been really good and educational for me. I got to know the advantages and disadvantages of the industry and a lot more about it and the interactions with our case study partner and many more also helped me in understanding various viewpoints. Overall, this was a really unique, new and educational experience for me which will help me in the future and prepare for other events.

Caoimhe Siri B. Florentino (Yomi) - Domuschola International School, Philippines

Many argue that transitioning into a more sustainable economy is costly as new resources and training are needed to do this. For example, if a business here (in the Philippines) were to suddenly transition into becoming more sustainable by using solar panels to provide light in their franchises, it would be costly because not only are solar panels expensive, but disregarding well-functioning light panels would affect the revenue of the business….Even though this is a valid concern, businesses in the Philippines can still be sustainable in their own ways. For example, a local green business here called “Common Room” transitioned from using plastic bags to recycled paper bags to pack their products. Additionally, H&M has a recycling program in which customers are able to recycle used clothes to gain a 10% discount. Through these sustainable practices, they are able to impact our environment in a positive way.

Inga Anahid Weiderud (Leonie) - The Junior and Senior School, Sweden / Cyprus

I found (the Destination Workshop by IE University) really interesting, and I loved the views presented and the information. Although I had known a lot of the main effects of climate change and global warming, the natural carbon cycle was one of the things I appreciated learning about, along with all of the effects on us, such as the mortality rate, increasing chances for diseases, rainfall change, etc. The new technologies explained were really informative, and for most, it was my first time hearing about them, such as using geology, or the application of soil amendments. In addition to hearing about the pros and cons of all of the technologies.

Aamaey Prakash – Step By Step School, India

My attention was directed at a burning problem in the complex system of the circular economy – on food waste. The operations within this industry are based on the concept of reducing waste through the provision of a closed-loop system, which reuses food as a resource. The advantages are compelling: lower ecological footprint, economically wise and eases landfill pressure...Being in this forum, makes me see how vital the concept is of moving from theory to practice. I have acquired some theoretical information, although the practice insights and life challenges in the community have been instrumental in developing my perception.

Garima Juneja - Bharti Vidya Niketan Sr. Sec. Public School, India

One of the key insights gained through the forum is the diverse range of professions encompassed by the term "green jobs." From renewable energy specialists to environmental policy analysts, the forum has illuminated the multifaceted nature of careers contributing to sustainable development. This realization has not only expanded my awareness of job opportunities within the green sector but has also fostered a sense of appreciation for the collaborative efforts required to build a sustainable future... Discussions on the forum have shed light on the disparities in access to environmentally focused careers, with certain regions benefiting more from the green economy than others. This awareness has sparked my interest in exploring ways to address these disparities and promote inclusivity within the sector.

Please join us in congratulating the Top Five of the Green Jobs in the Green Economy Buddies Without Borders Online Forum!

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