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Provectus Onboard - Case Study Partners for Green Jobs in the Green Economy

In two weeks, teens representing 24 countries around the world will work across borders to identify the opportunities and challenges in the vital green economy coming our way. What roles will they play in this unavoidable future?

As teens prepare themselves for careers and higher education, they will soon see that the future of how they work, play and live is shaped by the challenges of our time - namely, our relationship with the natural environment. Each team will be assigned a specific industry to research its development and impact, including Alternative Energy, AgriTech, Ecotourism and beyond. Furthermore, we want to connect each team with a Case Study Partner in the green economy so that the students can hear directly from those whose boots are on the ground. What green jobs are in demand? What green services and products are on the rise? How can we make a good living and live a good life?

One of the Case Study Partners is Mr. Zack Abdi, Managing Director of Provectus Middle East. Mr. Abdi is based in Canada. His work focuses on human capital investment, developing talents for IT Solutions, Waste Management, Alternative Energy, and CSR Training. "Our mission is to share HOW we can address inherent issues with clear WHAT are the benefits to tackle age-old WHY issues in doable format. Landfill diversion is necessary. Curbing GHG is critical, and creating a circular economy is crucial."

We look forward to learning from Mr. Abdi, as well as from all the participants who will conduct independent research wherever they are in the world. The world may be in different shades of green, but how fast we implement changes depends on us. Our collective future and personal futures are intertwined. Let's work together to meet the challenges of our time. Join us!

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