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Metaverse Can Enhance Global Education

Facebook's announcement of rebranding to Meta signals the movement of human interactions towards a metaverse, a world where social media will be on hyperdrive, from virtual reality to instant sharing of unlimited information. Many pundits caution against the potential dangers, from user data security to gatekeepers' responsibility.

Before we argue the pros and cons of such a move, let's recognize that all tools are neither good nor bad, but thinking and application make it so. A fire can start a civilization, and it can also destroy a civilization. It depends on the person who sets the fire. The "person" in question here in the debate of metaverse, is often the digital influencers:

"Social media has become a mainstay platform (or soapbox) for today’s cultural influencers. Billions of people turn to social media for news, engagement, recommendations, and entertainment, and new platforms are always on the rise." ~ Visual Capitalist

If applied wisely, social media can level the playing field of education and opportunity. Our next Form Social Media for Global Good challenges teen influencers to understand, create and maximize our collective digital future for the global good.

The application is open now until November 8. Here is the Application Form.

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