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"It Is Our Duty to Learn About Peace"

The biggest quest of our time may not be the pursuit of happiness, equity and justice, but how we get there. As information (including misinformation) and technology (including weapons) become ubiquitous, the ability to explain, accept and negotiate our differences is fundamental to humanity's survival.

Brilliantly submitted by Lino Hayasaka (Shonan Shirayiru High School in Japan) on why she decided to partake in the Peace & Change Online Forum:

"I am interested in this topic because as a human living in this era today, I feel it is a duty to learn about peace. There is a war happening between Russia and Ukraine, not only that but a battle is always happening in every part of the world. To make a change, learning and keeping in mind about what the legends have done to make a change is an important step. From elementary school, I was interested in Mother Teresa, and have done lots of research about her, and have been impressed by all the work she has done. Whenever I face difficulties, or work that I do not want to do, I always realize her words,“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” and try my best to not act aggressive.What I like about this forum is that not only do we learn deeply about each team’s assigned work, but also the other team’s work. Participating in this forum will be a big step in making the world a better place. We learn the way to make the world a better place, then go back to school to share what I learned in this forum, then we could make a big action towards world peace as a big organization. I am very excited to learn in this forum!"

What did the giants of peace & change learn that we must relearn? What can we do better in today's context? It takes more courage and skills to change society from hate to love. Join us and share your ideas!

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