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For Future Leaders - Four Days Until Award Ceremony

Throughout the Forum, students are encouraged to conquer the challenges of shyness and time zones to connect with one another. Those who communicate their thoughts proactively and effectively with their teammates earn the privilege to launch a BWB club in school and conduct local action projects.

In this way, these students move from knowing what to do to doing what they know. Abhinav Gopinath, a forum participant who launched a BWB Club at Assumption High School in Canada, said it well:

"To me, there isn’t a better idea to address global issues by putting forward the future leaders of society to collectively discover and innovate solutions that can impact millions... I decided to launch my own BWB club at Assumption to pass on this network with other students. I recruited highly motivated students to join BWB to tackle the issue of access to education in our community. I secured funding from our school board and launched a free tutoring program for Assumption Middle School students who were adversely impacted by the pandemic."

Indeed, as student protests against covid policies pop up alongside adults' debates over many conflicting considerations from public health to economy to democracy and equality, we are reminded of Albert Einstein's advice: what are the problems we are trying to solve, and the Stoic philosophy: we can only control our own actions.

With the focus on well-being for students, our next Forum challenges teens to think about productive actions they can actually take to help themselves achieve well-being; to create a new normal at the time of uncertainty. Join us for our next conversation, and don't forget to vote for your favorite team for Sunday's Award Ceremony in the Global Community.

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