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18 Under 18 Shout-out! - Iliana Skordi

It is time to shout out for our 18 Under 18 for the School Year 2022-2023! (Click here for the full list.)

Today we will feature Iliana Skordi - The Junior & Senior School, Cyprus

"Throughout our fruitful collaboration with BWB for yet another year, I have been given the unique opportunity to be an agent of change in my community, contributing to the sustainability of my environment with multiple local actions, from our collaboration with "Unique Smiles", an NGO that provides rehabilitation services to young children with rare genetic disorders through visits and a fundraiser, our collaboration with the Makarios Children's hospital for which our school community provided second-hand books and bookshelves to enhance children's literacy, creativity and imagination, the creation of an up-cycled Christmas tree made of milk bottles, and many more inspiring initiatives... This year, we learned how to be active citizens, how to respond to the adversity of our surrounding inequities with a truly youthful, active and impactful outlook, and from the culmination of our efforts realised the true meaning of global citizenship as international citizens and members of the wider BWB Community. Gazing forward into our promising future, on behalf of my current co-President, Emily Kyriakides and our excellent Moderator and teacher, Dr. Irene Stavrou, I would like to whole-heartedly thank all members of our club who each contributed in their own way to a project that united them, and us!"

Please join us in acknowledging teens who step up to make a positive difference for the common good. Our next search begins next week in the AquaAlliance Forum and the interest form is already open for the school year 2023-2024. Join us in our global community!

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