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18 Under 18 Shout-out! - Gorden Chen

It is time to shout out for our 18 Under 18 for the School Year 2022-2023! (Click here for the full list.)

Today we will feature Gordon Chen - Taipei Tsai-Hsing High School, Taiwan

"Sharing perspectives and information on the SDGs is one of the most meaningful things I have done in the BWB club. I believe that the SDGs play a prominent role in the pursuit of better conditions for all beings on earth. Through the promotion of the SDGs, people are aware of the severe issues that are actually happening between us and are able to take action. In addition, I get a profusion of knowledge while doing research. I remembered when having a conversation on renewable energy, I was introduced to a new kind of method for the storage of energy called BEST, which stands for buoyancy energy storage technology. Sharing information about the SDGs also broadened my horizons. Lastly, in my opinion, what I value the most are the perspectives and stories I heard from foreign club members. People living in the same culture and region usually hold similar opinions. I can barely talk to people under different education systems in my daily life. It was the moment I made friends with them that I realized how massive the world is."

Please join us in acknowledging teens who step up to make a positive difference for the common good. Our next search begins next week in the AquaAlliance Forum and the interest form is already open for the school year 2023-2024. Join us in our global community!

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