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18 Under 18 Shout-out! - Alessandra Silapan

It is time to shout out for our 18 Under 18 for the School Year 2022-2023! (Click here for the full list.)

Today we will feature Alessandra Silapan - Binus School Simprug, Indonesia

"I’m honored to have been included in the 18 Under 18 List. I have learned a lot from BWB, whether through participating in forums, or leading a club. However, above all the significant lessons I’ve learned, I must say that learning the true essence of the word “effort” was truly the greatest lesson that had engraved itself onto my very purpose. Being so young, I’ve always felt so small standing adjacent to all the huge problems that the world enveloped; it seemed as though I was an ant next to an elephant. Sometimes I would be disappointed in myself for not being able to change the world or to make things a little better. I would feel upset, useless, but most of all, guilty, for not being able to actually do something helpful. But being in the 18 Under 18 list taught me that my efforts did not go to waste. I may not have been able to do anything significant for the world, but I know that I tried, and that’s what matters most."

Please join us in acknowledging teens who step up to make a positive difference for the common good. Our next search begins next week in the AquaAlliance Forum and the interest form is already open for the school year 2023-2024. Join us in our global community!

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