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Yes - We Are Open!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

In the midst of shut-downs and quarantines, it is more important than ever to be open to new ideas and new approaches, so that we can change the trajectory and create a better future.

What kind of future do the students want to see? What do they think it will take for us to get there? Our global think tank for teens is kicking off the next round of forum competition this week.

Moreover, thanks to IUPUI in the USA, Forward College in Europe, Green Tourism Association in Taiwan, and Center of Sustainability Studies in Costa Rica, we are offering sustainability-related college and career preview workshops to all, so that the students can see a path in developing their passion in higher education and in the professional world.

Please join us in congratulating the following student representatives from more than 20 countries who will work across the borders and speak up in the Green is the New Gold Buddies Without Borders Online Forum as equal global citizens: (The interest form is open for the next Forum: Media Platform for Global Good)

The nine countries they will dive into and investigate the local perspective to create ecotourism related business ideas are:

  • Madagascar

  • Zanzibar

  • India

  • Ecuador

  • Nepal

  • New Zealand

  • Costa Rica

  • Morocco

  • Indonesia

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