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Who Will Take Care of Us? Kick-Off This Weekend

One of the reasons why so many people love sports such as football and basketball is because of the team spirit. Michael Jordan said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." This weekend, nine mixed-nationality teams from more than a dozen countries are kicking off the competition Who Will Take Care of Us? Access to Healthcare. The champions will walk away with a new understanding of why we should care, new knowledge of how to move forward, and ultimately - new friendships around the world.

To set the stage for this pursuit are our partners from Global Public Service Academies (GPSA). We look forward to learning from the speakers about why access to healthcare for all is important and how we would answer the question: Who Will Take Care of Us?


Nicole Morrow

Program Coordinator

Nicole has called Guatemala home since 2013 and joined GPSA in the summer of 2023. Her work here has focused on interpreting in the public health sector for visiting medical teams from the USA and Canada, teaching, and conducting anthropological work in the Guatemalan highlands. Previous to residing in Guatemala Nicole worked as a Spanish, French, and English instructor in a variety of countries. She also participated in the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program in Mexico. She speaks English, Spanish and French fluently and has a working knowledge of Kaqchikel (one of the 22 Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala) and Norwegian. Both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in Intercultural Communications, Spanish and French. In her down time you can find Nicole relaxing on the shores of Lake Atitlán, practicing yoga or expressing her creativity through art.


Nataysia Mikula-Noble

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

University of Edinburgh

Nataysia is a fifth-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) student at the University of Edinburgh. She worked with GPSA as a Leader-in-training in Guatemala and Belize during her high school years where she led a public health campaign centered around diabetes and transmissible diseases. Nataysia pursued her passion for public health and medicine across several universities, including the University of Alberta, the University of St. Andrews and the University of Edinburgh. She is currently the lead author of a systematic review "Identifying Clusters of Multimorbid Disease and Differences by Age, Sex, and Socioeconomic Status: A Systematic Review.” She is also the project lead for the Global Evaluation of Cholecystectomy Knowledge and Outcomes (GECKO) international cohort study.

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