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Who has the best idea? Two days until Green is the New Gold award ceremony

Building blocks of knowledge at work - Today we will share the reflection from our Top Five Finishers, Bryanna Ashong, from Bryanston School in UK.

"I loved how each week had a different theme making the overall creation of a business plan more manageable and a collection of all the work that we have done over the last month... I have thoroughly enjoyed, and have developed my leadership, organisational and writing the end, I had nailed the 5 point structure. And that structure is definitely something I want to replicate when forming an inquiry in the future." ~ Bryanna Ashong, Bryanston School, UK. Click here to hear Brayanna's reflection on her experience with the Forum.

In twelve hours we will close the voting for the People's Choice Awards via our Global Community, and we will also close the Application for the next Forum: Social Media for Global Good. We look forward to working with you!

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