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Who Are the Big Thinkers?

In three days, together we will decide who among the Fall 2022 Buddies Without Borders Online Forum - Zero Hunger Zero Waste competition participants have the best ideas to solve this global challenge that is both senseless and serious. After all, according to the United Nations, there is more than enough food to feed everyone on earth but 1 in 3 of us are going to bed hungry tonight.

The students' proposals will be judged based on their creativity, sustainability and equality. You are invited to vote for your favorite idea in the People's Choice Category (voting closes on Friday, Dec 16) The Forum Participants themselves will elect the Best Representative. The Team Coaches will nominate the kind of leaders we want to see in the Pioneer Award category to recieve the BWB Clubs scholarships to lead Local Actions.

The Best Team will be chosen by our seven esteemed panelists. Please join us in thanking the following individuals who are big thinkers themselves, guiding our future generations to create a better world in their profession everyday from around the world. Representing nine countries are the seven international educators (click on the link for full details):

Hon. Teta V. Banks, Ed.D., President of International Forum. Former Chair of the UNA-USA

Zack H. Abdi, Managing Director of Provectus Middle East

Andrew Hand, Advisory Board Member, Forward College, EU

Sofana Vargas, Recruitment Counselor / Undergraduate, Jacobs University, Germany

Ango Mwakisu, Senior Assistant Director of International Admissions, NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE

Elisa Melendez Martin, Global Markets Director, IE University, Spain

Lauren Schmidt, MSW, Entrepreneur & Founder, A Tree That Grows, Fellowship in Tanzania

The voting and ranking will close tomorrow, Friday, December 16. The winners will receive international internships and global leadership opportunities.

The next forum is now open for application: Happy Teens Website Design Challenge. Today's teens are learning about the world in a way we have never before. The skills to successfully and wisely navigate the digital world and care for their own health and well-being will be extremely important. What will these skills look like? Join us for the next challenge to create innovative ideas to shape our joint future.

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