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What We Learned From Jan 6, Gun Violence and Russian Aggression

It is hard for me personally to imagine why there are people who think that attacking the Capitol, selling weapons to youth, and bombing a community is ok. But apparently, there are a lot.

What I have learned is that - depending on what information we receive, each one of us may draw very different conclusions about which side is "right." Both sides have strong beliefs that the other side is either evil or ignorant. Both sides suspect that the information from the other side is manipulated and fake. We all feel frustrated and victimized. No one wins.

We cannot control other people's beliefs, and we cannot verify every piece of information we read, but we can absolutely control our actions and interactions. How we interact with each other - strangers, loved ones, friends, and adversaries - is the key to a happy and peaceful future.

Three days until we close the registration for Be the Change: creating a kinder community. Join us!

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