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What Teens Seek to Understand About Kindness

Oscar Wilde's flippant observation about advice ("(Passing on advice) is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself") may be true, particularly with teens - unless they ask for it.

The Kindness Challenge participants were put in charge of asking the questions, and exploring the ideas behind "kindness" and "unkindness." Each team has full control over how and what they want to show in their reflection videos. Here are three more reflection videos to share with you today:

  • Harsha Bharadwaj - Singapore - Ridgefield School

  • Ching Chuan Lu - Taiwan - Tsai Hsing Private High School

  • Lucille Wong Ryniejski - USA - Redwood High School

  • Gehna Ari - USA - Long Reach High School

  • Nguyen Thuc Anh - Vietnam - Vinh Phuc High School for the Gifted

  • Megumi Nakamura - Japan - Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen High School

  • Ayşe Betül Argın - Turkey - Vali Muammer Guler Social Science High School

  • Marios Skitsas - Cypriot - The Junior and Senior School

  • Youssef Elsayed Elkeblawy - Egyptian -Future American School

  • Mobin Jannati - Iranian - Iranian Towheed School

  • Ethan Sunkwa-Mills - Ghanaian - Tema International School (non-contributing)

Join us in congratulating the students for their job well done!

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