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What Remote Learning and Working Really Means

As I continue the learning journey with teens around the world to investigate the pros and cons of human migration which is the topic of the current Buddies Without Borders Online Forum, I realize that the "new normal" brought by COVID-19 can be a game changer for the better, IF we can do the following:

Invest and grow talent in developing countries: let's give the talented and enthusiastic the tools and resources to make changes right where they are. Travel restriction has slowed down the "brain drain." Instead of these future leaders traveling abroad for better opportunities, let's bring opportunities to them.

International curriculums are not enough: let's give those who are driven a way to hone their leadership and professional skills outside of the classrooms. Online connections provide a fairer stage for potential leaders to shine, no matter where they are. Online internships and online jobs are the future.

International friendship is easier online: Travel restrictions and lock-downs may have stopped physical trips, but we can make long lasting friends online even easier. Everyone can make new friends across the world, even those without the means to travel.

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