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What Makes Us Happy? Outcome Report Is Here!

The never-ending pandemic made the summer a muted one for many of us. Instead of partying with our friends and hugging our families, we awkwardly scheduled catch-up zoom calls and elbow-bumped our neighbors.

However, as life gets hard, it is even more important for us to remember what truly makes us happy. Why do we do the things we do? Why should we care when someone else on the other side of the world suffers?

A few weeks ago, we wrapped the Human Migration: In the Pursuit of Happiness Online Forum. Teens from around the world teamed up and reflected on what makes them happy, what drives people to move away from homes, what are the consequences, and what should/can we do about it.

Their findings are astounding. Here is the full Out Come Report for your enjoyment. Be sure to chime in on the next topic: Green is the New Gold.

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