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What Makes Teens Happy?

Happy Teens Website Design Challenge kicked off over the weekend with 61 students representing 27 countries. Our kick-off question: what makes you happy and how to achieve it?

Not surprisingly, most participants shared that they derive happiness from positive interactions with families and friends, persistent pursuit of interests and hobbies, and hard work on achieving their goals. These ageless ideas have been reflected by many psychologists and social scientists, including Scottish writer and physician, Alexander Chalmers (1759 - 1834): "The three grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for."

However, if it were that easy, no one will be unhappy. As our kick-off speaker, Mr. Gomes, shared in his kick-off speech: knowing does not change the nature of our perception, actions and behaviors do.

As we move into Week #1 of this forum, participants are charged with the role of observers of their community and will attempt to articulate what they see to be the roots of the problem of their struggle for happiness. Can they create a website to motivate teens to take positive actions towards achieving happiness and wellness?

The next Buddies Without Borders Online Forum will focus on gender equality: The Best ROI of Humankind: Women and the Economy. Join us!

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