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What Makes Humans Happy? Solution Based Thinking and Actions

As usual, I woke up this morning checking the news while getting ready for the day, and was immediately depressed: gun violence, political struggle, flooding, illness, inequalities. Then I laced up for my morning run, listening to a discussion on how to control "negative bias" between journalist Stephen Dubner and psychiatrist David Burns so we can feel better.

It is a human survival instinct that we pay more attention to threats than good news. However, what we do with this awareness is crucial. Many people decide to tune out the "bad news" in order to preserve their mental well-being. I propose a different route - I believe that we need to know what's wrong AND direct our attention to creating solutions and making plans to try out these ideas. More importantly, no matter if these ideas ultimately succeed or not, the process of creating solutions and planning for implementation is what will bring us happiness and peace of mind.

This week, Green is the New Gold Online Forum participants are gathering intelligence of their assigned country, comparing it with their own, analyzing not just threats and weaknesses, but also strengths and opportunities, in preparation for a landscape presentation for Sunday's global session. This knowledge will help us understand what problems we are trying to solve, before we dive into researching ideas on how to solve them.

To preview how students may continue developing these ideas and gain the necessary skills in achieving these sustainable development goals, we have organized Destination Workshops after each session. On Sunday, October 17th, Dr. Marco Nievergelt from Forward College will introduce an approach as a global business leader.

Destination Workshops are free to the general public, but you must register to receive the Google Meet link. Click here to register. We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you, Dr. Nievergelt!

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Yihung Mohs
Yihung Mohs
Oct 19, 2021


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