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What It Takes to "Get Along"

As we witness the conflicts around the world, we often wonder why people can't just get along? Don't we all want happiness, security and respect?

Indeed, extreme differences in cultural values and personal behaviors may cause frictions, but more often it is the lacking of perspectives that makes us dangerously biased without even knowing it.

Week 1 of the Buddies Without Borders Online Forum is about understanding what"we don't know what we don't know" means, and trying to identify our blind spots. As each student researches and describes what is happening in their own home country that impacts the state of mental health of teens, they share and compare their perspectives with those of other students. At the end of the week, each student gains at least five other points of view. It is through this process, each team will ready themselves to jointly embark on the journey of understanding their assigned country as equal global citizens.

It is much easier to embrace diversity when we see how our truths are not necessarily the same truths for others. Please join me in wishing all teams good luck!

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