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What Does Happiness Mean to You?

We finished with our warm-up exercise, and have kicked off the Human Migration Forum successfully! Here is the reflection from Arjun Rajan of Manchester International School in India, and it touched our heart:

"Warm-up week was fantastic. Answering the question "what does happiness mean to me" allowed me to really think and wonder about such a deep topic which I hadn't considered before. It was really insightful and I got to know myself better. Doing external research to find official reports and articles was thoroughly interesting. Overall, I was happy with my post. But more than that, I had lots of fun interacting and commenting on my teammates posts. I was able to have quite a thoughtful and complicated discussion with Lucia, one of my teammates. I got used to the 5 point structure very well. I also had another meeting with my teammates and coach later this week, and it went great. I'm now very comfortable with the people I'll be working with, and I'm sure I've already made friends with them."

Looking at all the smiley faces... how can the world NOT to be a better place when they take over?

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