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Welcome to the Club!

During each Forum competition, we get to witness the communication style and attitude of each participant clearly through their interactions with their teammates. The team coaches nominate the ones they believe to have the most potential to become great leaders of tomorrow.

We call these future movers and shakers: Pioneers. They are fearless, relentless and they know the direction they are going. Vicky Ramos is one such Pioneer. Today, we are excited to announce that Vicky is launching her BWB Club in Los Sauces European School, Spain:

"What I strive for is making a difference when it comes to gender diversity and sustainability, as well as helping disabled people. My vision is about individual contributions that make a local difference and energize communities around us to multiply positive impact. I have 3 global goals: Mobilize youth to act now, Reduce waste individually in every action, and Educate for diversity. But I can't do this all on my own, will you join me? "

Vicky's BWB Club will be moderated by Mrs. Myriam Gil Simancas, Head of the Language Department. All BWB Club members from 14 countries are invited to meet and discuss topics chosen by themselves every weekend online. This weekend, the students will ponder the future of the food industry: will it become vegetarian due to the pollution caused by the meat industry? Mrs. Myriam, an ELL teacher herself, is excited to jump on board:

"As a language teacher, it is wonderful to see that the Club members can immerse themselves in an English Language speaking environment with global-minded students from around the world every weekend."

Next week we will announce the new Pioneer Award recipient. Good luck to the following nominees:

  • Daniela Gallardo de Rodrigo from Los Sauces Torrelodones in Spain

  • Anastasia Efthimiades from American International School in Cyprus

  • Sofia Rojas from Saint Andrew's Schoo in Bolivia

  • María Malvar Diz from Los Sauces in Spain

  • Anastasia Lashkul from American International School in Cyprus

  • Shirin Karimi from Towheed Iranian International School in UAE

  • Sofía García Díez from Colegio Los Sauces Torrelodones in Spain

  • Rushil Doger from Strawberry Fields High School in India

  • Nakano Shun from Suito Kokusai Senior High School in Jpana

  • Brook Shibabaw from GEMS International School in UAE

  • Ethan Ding-Yuan Hsin from Taipei Tsai Hsing High School in Taiwan

  • Mia Zih-Jia Ni from Taipei Tsai Hsing High School in Taiwan

The next opportunity to apply for launching your own club is here. See you in the March Forum: A New Normal for Teens. The application is open.

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