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Online & Offline - Wellness Ideas for Teens in Ghana

Team Mending Minds was assigned Ghana as the country to represent. The team has found that despite being one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, only 35% of the students complete highs school, and there is a prevalence of child brides under the age of 15. As a result, the team believed that it is urgent to each the teenagers through any means possible, online and offline, with hotline and mapped resources by zip codes:

"...we will embrace a pamphlets campaign and a social media campaign, the pamphlets will be given especially in schools and zones where internet access is difficult. these pamphlets will also be made of recycled paper to reduce the environmental impact."

Please click on the link and check out their presentation and ideas. Join us in wishing the team good luck!

  • Rami Gharaibeh - Jordan - Amman National School

  • Nabeelah Okanlawon - Nigeria - Institut Florimont (Switzerland)

  • Janhavi Makhijani - India - Shiv Nadar School

  • Stephanie Huang - USA - Saint George School (Dominican Republic)

  • Josefina Antia Gomez de la Torre - Spain & Chile - Los Sauces Pontevedra

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