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Turning Screen Time into Therapy Time - Wellness Ideas for Teens in Mexico

Team Meliosmerise was assigned Mexico as their country in this Wellness Challenge for Teens Online Forum. With the common issues of the stigma associated with mental illness, the imbalance of access to quality healthcare, and the recent crisis brought on by COVID-19, Team Meliosmerise decided to propose a self-help website that features discussion groups and therapeutic exercises.

The team also took inspiration from wellness programs currently implemented by socially-responsible organizations such as Clif Bar, Wegman's Food Markets, Cisco, and Chesapeake Energy, even their own school clubs:

"In our school, there is this mental health club called spark the spirit whose main focus is to create a safe environment where people can express their problems without getting judged. They also have a website in which you can talk about your problems to a chat box... you can choose to remain anonymous, which actually helps a lot of people come out of their shells and share their problems..."

Please click on the link and check out their presentation and ideas. Join us in wishing the team good luck!

  • Gayatri Brijesh - India - Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon

  • Vahlant Andriamahefa Totianjanahary - Madagascar British School of Madagascar

  • Eliott George Tyler - France & UK - Institut Florimont (Switzerland)

  • Jude Anas Mahadin - Jordan - Amman National School

  • David Diver Trigo - Belgium - Colegio Los Sauces (Spain)

  • Samona Ali - Pakistan - Beaconhouse Newlands Lahore

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