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Transform How People Relate to the World - Case Study Partners for Green Jobs in the Green Economy

The growth of a green economy reflects how people have changed the way they experience the world. This change in attitude and mindset is also reflected in the travel industry. It is not a surprise that travelers love to experience authentic nature and culture when going on location, but the Transformational Travel Council believes that there is a larger evolution going on in the industry. The jobs in the travel industry are changing.

The Director of Education at the Transformational Travel Council, Ivana Damnjanovic, is responsible for teaching the operators in the travel industry to design transformational experiences for travelers. Ivana is also an Associate Professor of Health and Business Studies at Singidunum University, Serbia. She is devoted to equipping (future) tourism professionals to be knowledgeable and creative, intentional and dedicated, mindful and empathetic, and recognize tourism as a milieu of stories to collect and guard, create and pass on.

As we redefine our relationships with nature, the travel industry must redefine its role in facilitating the process of helping travelers explore the world. What will it look like? We look forward to learning from Ivana!

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