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Top Six! Voting Ends March 8 at Noon (ET)

Updated: Mar 8

Who Will Take Care of Us? Access to Healthcare Buddies Without Borders Online Forum will celebrate with the Award Ceremony on Saturday, March 9th. You are invited to vote for your favorite idea in the People's Choice Category. Meanwhile, students across the forum can vote for the most outstanding student to be the Best Representative. Here are the Top Six Scorers who have impressed us all, in their own words:

"...My deep-rooted interest in healthcare, a subject I've been actively researching independently, injected a new level of excitement into the forum. I eagerly absorbed the myriad research posts and engaged in discussions, particularly intrigued by the diverse teams' analyses of healthcare systems across different countries... Collaborating with my team added a layer of richness to the forum experience. Their responsiveness and intellectual depth enriched our discussions, fueling our collective drive for excellence. Together, we navigated challenges, exchanged ideas, and celebrated milestones, forging bonds that transcended geographical boundaries...." ~ Megha Siripurapu (Lovejoy High School, USA)

"...By joining in discussions, I got better at expressing myself and talking to others. I learned to share my ideas confidently and handle disagreements respectfully. These skills have not only helped me in the forum but also in my personal and highschool life....Looking back, I can see how much I've grown intellectually and emotionally. I've learned to appreciate different people and understand them better. I've also learned to be curious and humble when thinking about complicated issues, knowing there's always more to learn...One big thing I've learned is how important it is for everyone to be active in their community and help others. I've seen that even small actions can make a big difference. Whether it's volunteering, speaking up for what's right, or just being a good citizen, I want to keep doing my part to make the world a better place." ~ Huda Zahra (Towheed Iranian School, UAE)

"...Before this forum, I never thought there would be a big difference between the countries. I thought the overall system will all be the same in all the countries. However while researching, I was able to discover and realize the differences and the uniqueness of each country's healthcare, especially Japan and Germany. As for Japan, even though I live in it, there were many new facts and information to discover throughout making the SWOT Analysis. Furthermore, other than learning about access to healthcare in many other countries, the forum was a good opportunity for me to think about social problems and global challenges, and there was a lot that I was able to learn..." ~ Miu Nishitani (Shonan-Shirayuri Gakuen, Japan)

"...The competition to win more points and possibly win best post and comment, motivated me to dive deeper into the topic and research thoroughly. It encouraged me to be an inquirer and strive to achieve the best outcome. Working on the presentation, the video, the team paper constantly tested my ability to multitask while producing the best output possible. I would certainly say that this was one of the best global experiences I've ever had and would definitely want to join again in the future. I will also be conducting an information session with my juniors interested in global crises and solving for global issues and will be recommending this forum to them!" ~ Ishika Dhar (Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon, India)

"...The forum is exactly how I expected. Throughout the two months, I have explored the healthcare systems of many countries from both my research and others. By setting up the discussion prompt, the forum has allowed us to collectively share our research, ideas, knowledge and especially triggering questions for each other to consider and discuss...Discovering this topic is such a valuable opportunity for us to find out the obstacles to healthcare that are not only caused by the shortage of technology or level of development of a country, but more than that to painfully understand those disparities are also triggered by social attitudes toward marginalized communities. Most of all, I have learned a lot from my peers, developing my report writing skills as well as research and presenting...."~ Nguyen Ngoc Ngan Ha  (British Vietnamese International School Hanoi, Vietnam)

"...The forum has provided a platform for critical analysis and shared insights into the opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead for Türkiye's healthcare system (note: Türkiye is the assigned country to Harman's team). It has fostered a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainability, equitable resource distribution, and the enhancement of healthcare quality in underserved areas. The journey through the forum has underscored the necessity of continuous innovation and adaptability in healthcare policies and practices...." ~ Harman Dhillon (Strawberry Fields High School, India)

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